1) What is FollowersCircle?
FollowersCircle, the "Circle of Followers", is the best place to gain followers of your website, brand, business, products and or services thru social networks for free. The FollowersCircle is where followers from popular social networks meet, and serves as the site to help you get or exchange follows, likes, tweets, shares, views, subscriptions and traffic to your website and business.
2) How it Works?
The FollowersCircle website provides the system and tools for exchanging likes, follows, views, tweets, shares and so on to your social network. Register an account and you'll receive a certain amount of coins to your account which you can use to earn likes, followers, views, etc. Add your websites, pages and social network accounts. Every time a member follow, like or view your added website or page, certain amount of coins are deducted from your account and then rewarded to that member. You have the freedom to choose what and whom you want to like, follow, view, and so forth.
3) How much does it cost to join?
Joining FollowersCircle if 100% free. When you register, you will be given a FREE Membership.
4) What Social Network and or Services can I exchange?
At present, FollowersCircle allows you to exchange Facebook Likes, Google +1's, Twitter Followers, Twitter Tweets, StumbleUpon Followers, YouTube Video Views, YouTube Subscribers, YouTube Video Likes, LinkedIn Shares and even web traffic.
5) Is it safe to exchange likes, follows, tweets, views and so on?
Yes, it is 100% safe. We abide with the rules, policies and terms of all social network and media included in our system. We never require you to give us any of your social network account's passwords.
6) What are Coins?
"Coins" serves as credits which are rewarded to members who liked, followed, shared, viewed, and subscribed to your submitted social network accounts, channels and or pages. You can earn coins from following, liking, sharing, tweeting, viewing or subscribing to your desired social network account and or website. Coins may also be purchased from us or transferred to or from other members.
7) How to use coins?
Your coins will be used to reward members who liked, followed, tweeted, shared, viewed or subscribed to your submitted pages, channels and or social network accounts. Certain amount of coins will be given for each action.
8) How to earn coins?
Coins are earned when you liked, followed, tweeted, shared, viewed, or subscribed to submitted social network accounts, pages, channel or websites by other members. Coins are given in exchange to any actions stated above. You will also earn coins when you refer FollowersCircle to your friends and followers. You can also purchase coins from us.
9) How to purchase coins?
If you're not willing to like, follow or any of these actions, you have the choice to purchase coins. Log in and click the "Buy Coins" in the navigation bar at the top and you'll see the available coin packages.
10) What is VIP Membership?
Aside from FREE Membership, an upgrade to VIP Membership is offered to get additional privileges such as set your Coins Per Click (CPC) to a maximum of 10 instead of 5 coins, earn 100 coins from daily bonus and your pages and social accounts will be shown at the beginning portion of the list for certain number of days. VIP Membership is available in packages starting from 14 days.
11) Why should I get VIP Membership?
With the privileges from VIP Membership stated above, your social accounts and pages will be easily seen by all members and therefore will get better results than FREE Membership.
12) Are there any refund policy?
Since FollowersCircle caters to online services which are intangible, we don't offer any refund for "Coins" and "VIP Membership".
13) Terms and Conditions
FollowersCircle is a remarkable social media exchange website. Your social media pages, websites, ans similar accounts will be posted on our site for other to visit and take desired action (e.g. like, follow, share, visit, view, etc.). Our site may use cookie technology which will gather necessary data to identify the right social media pages/network accounts to display on your region. Do not use this site if you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions.